Wouldn't it be great to show off your, newborn fawn or doe 
to your friends, family or business partners?

Imagine owning a Kentucky derby winner or have a NASCAR sponsorship, 
that’s what you’ll have in the deer business! Make money owning a deer.  
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Our goal for deer-breeding in 2019 is to produce tremendous bucks. We will see how many 200" 2-year olds we have, or maybe even closer to 300".

Autumn Wind Whitetails' breeding of stellar, trophy bucks from artificial insemination (AI) is a serious business. Top of the line bucks are conceived by two means, cervical and Artificial Insemination, AI. Autumn Wind Whitetails utilizes artificial insemination of select Does to enhance our breeding stock. AWW is the leader in whitetail breeding in all of Indiana.

Whitetail Breeder
Todd Hoeffel, Columbia City, IN

Indiana Whitetail Deer Breeder​

 About Artificial Insemination (AI) 

New fawns born, Autumn Wind Whitetails

Artificial Insemination, (AI),  Whitetail, Deer Breeding

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Columbia City, Indiana


Our Indiana deer-breeding estate and family farm are committed to 

nurturing and maintaining the finest deer in Indiana. We’re a

 family-owned business 

who have always loved deer & turned that love and passion into a full blown deer farming facility. 

AWW Trophy buck, Autumn Wind Whitetails

"The biggest and best looking deer around!" --Mindy Lash

Whitetail Deer Breeding