Columbia City, Indiana

Why a family deer business?  For the kids, friends and family, raising these awesome critters will never get old. In the spring when the fawns start to arrive, it’s like an Easter egg hunt every day! From bottle feeding 3 day old fawns, to watching them grow, and eating out of your hands, and finally gaining their own independence when they enter the herd.

Whitetail deer, along with horses, steers, rabbits and dogs, the kids always have something to do.
This is our family business!

  Meet the Owner, Todd Hoeffel, Autumn Wind Whitetails

When you own YOUR  deer and contract AWW to care for your deer, you can name your deer, come 
to visit your deer whenever you like, get quarterly updates and pictures, and have Autumn Wind Whitetails market any breeding sales and 
other offers on your deer. 

Our Family Deer Business

Own A  Whitetail Deer ​

If you like our deer & genetics, 
get your deposit in fast and receive valuable incentives from Autumn Wind Whitetails on purchase of deer, buck, doe or fawn.


The Autumn Wind Whitetails estate and family business is located at

3031 Hartman Road Columbia City, Indiana 
(Northeastern Indiana near Fort Wayne, IN). 

Todd Hoeffel, owner of Autumn Wind Whitetails, along with his son Max, daughter, Summer Rose and deer staff, maintain the daily whitetail deer breeding operations. 

 Todd is a robotics engineer at the GM plant in Indiana

but his family business is whitetail deer-breeding. 

How Do I Make Money Owning A Whitetail Deer?

You own your deer, we do all the work!

 Indiana Deer Farm, Video

You get the money for each fawn born and each stud service!

Our fawns and breeding stock are offered on a first come, first served basis.  We have the healthiest and best deer available in Indiana.  See for yourself!   All fawns born from does you purchase and own, would be yours, or any stud service from any buck you own, would be yours too. 


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