Life is good for deer bred & raised at Autumn Wind Whitetails

Autumn Wind Whitetails (AWW) is Indiana's premiere whitetail deer-breeder. With the right genetics, breeding, top-grade feed and daily care, Autumn Wind Whitetails has harnessed deer’s natural energy & growth potential and optimized antler growth for superior bucks, all while maintaining a healthier well-being herd of deer... "Our feed costs have dropped, our mortality rate is very low, and our deer are very confident and relaxed. And like anything else, when life is good,  you do well."

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Own a trophy buck, whitetail fawn or doe from Autumn Wind Whitetails. Start your own deer farm.

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Why become a deer breeder? See Todd's video story.  Autumn Wind Whitetails owner, Todd Hoeffel is living his dream job. On the snowy hills of Indiana on the AWW Estate, big bucks and fertile does await the arrival of spring and the promise of new fawns. Todd is a whitetail deer breeder in Indiana.  

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We are a proud sponsor of the 2016 Shriner's 100 Gun Sportsman Raffle in Columbia City, IN, Sept 17, 2016. Autumn Wind Whitetails will have a booth set up and giving away a $500 cash raffle. COME PLAY! Supports a great cause.  Location: Shiner - Sportsman, WEBSITE

985 N. State Road 9, Columbia City, IN

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 +5 star reviews

"Todd is amazing at what he does .. Nicest most generous guy I know .. Truly honored to call him a good friend of mine. He'd give you his gun if yours broke to get you that trophy...!!!" 

--Christopher Sherrick

Preserve Hunting 2016

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Columbia City, Indiana

 "They [AWW] are the best deer-breeders in Indiana!! Very nice deer,"Big Deer!" ​--Greg Prather 

"Our superior genetics are

 the cornerstone of our 

breeding success at

Autumn Wind Whitetails."


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Superior breeding

Todd Hoeffel, owner Autumn Wind Whitetails

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Book a Hunt at ​Indiana's top outfitter, deer hunting preserve by AWW.

2016 Shriner's 100 Gun Sportsman Raffle

Indiana Whitetail Deer Beeder​

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Indiana Deer Breeder

"We pride ourselves on healthy and happy whitetail deer, superior breeding and our impeccable reputation. AWW has a long history of successful deer breeding.  Our extremely satisfied customers, speak for itself."

--- Todd Hoeffel, owner Autumn Wind Whitetails