"Our superior
are the cornerstone
of our breeding
success at AWW"

-Todd Hoeffel,
AWW Owner 
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Autumn Wind Whitetails Home

Whitetail Breeder
Todd Hoeffel, Deer Breeder, Columbia City, IN


AWW is committed to becoming the finest deer breeding farm in Indiana. We’re a family-owned business who have always loved deer & turned that love and passion into a full blown
breeding and farming facility. Visit Us.

Wouldn’t it be great to show off your, doe
or newborn fawn
your friends, family or business partners?
Imagine owning a Kentucky derby win
or have a NASCAR sponsorship,
that’s what you’ll have in the deer business


   (Pictured above) Autumn Wind Whitetails estate, Take a Tour

Life is good for deer raised by Autumn Wind Whitetails

AWW utilizes something that no other deer breeding compound offers in the entire whitetail industry. Along with the right genetics, breeding, top-grade feed and daily care, Autumn Wind Whitetails (AWW) has discovered a way to maximize a deer’s natural energy to grow superior antlers while maintaining a healthier well being.  Our feed costs have dropped, our mortality rate is very low, and our deer are very confident and relaxed. And like anything else, when life is good, you do well...Interested in owning a stellar whitetail deer? More details


Artificial Insemination (AI) at AWW

Deer are well after (AI) surgery

Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) surgery at Autumn Wind Whitetails, Columbia City, Indiana.  

                                                                                    (Watch AI-Surgery Video)

2016 Hunts Booking Now 
170-200 inch

Up to 170" deer hunt $3900

170"- 200" $6500

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